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John KeatingJohn Keating took his first flying lesson on January 1st of 2001. Since then, he has earned his Private, Instrument, Commercial, Seaplane, Flight Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor ratings. In November of 2007, John Keating was awarded the Master CFI accreditation from the National Association of Flight Instructors. He currently instructs part-time at American Flyers out of Dupage Airport. He is also a member of Windy City Flyers flight club.

Although John has flown on both coasts and many places in between, he calls Chicago home. John is member of AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association), EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association), SPA (Seaplane Pilots Association), NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors), and PAPA (Palwaukee Airport Pilots Association).

In November of 2005, John had the opportunity to fly in Thailand. He flew out of Nok Airport which is associated with the Chiang Mai Flying Club.

In June of 2006, John flew around Southern Australia with Image Aircraft.

In May of 2008, John visited China, where General Aviation is in its infancy. So John took a hot air balloon trip over Southern China.

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